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Always Better than Described! By Carol R. Osborne from Culpeper | July 23, 2018 Crown Auto and all that work there go above and beyond.They make purchasing a car easy and quick.There are no hidden costs and they stand behind their autos. They have become our go to for any purchases! Rating from Carol R. Osborne Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: 5 out of 5 Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5

Carol Osborne

We purchased a used 2015 Lexus RX 350 from Crown Auto in June 2018.There were many places from which we could have purchased a comparable RX 350 which we found on the usual web sites like cars.com.We chose to visit Crown because the customer reviews uniformly stated that David,Mary,and their team were honest and they were very particular and exacting about the quality of the cars they offered for sale.We were not disappointed. Crown had exactly the car we wanted at a fair price.More important though I left the test drive and discussions with Logan (who was the sales representative)with complete confidence that I was being treated honestly.Every question was answered in a quiet and forthright fashion and I learned about the process by which Crown acquires the cars they sell,the standards that David Watson has established for those cars,and the inspection and servicing of the cars before they are sold.The uniformly-positive testimonials were borne out by my experience. Once I made the decision,Crown held the car for three days until I could make it back to the dealership.Mary had all the paperwork completed when we arrived. There was no effort to "up-sell" additional warranties,undercoating,or paint protection.All the numbers were exactly as we had discussed previously. We were in and out of the office in 30-45 minutes with a car that we love and a car shopping and buying process that was the best I have ever experienced. What I found with Crown is an old-fashioned,honest,hard-working team that wants to match the buyer with a high quality,normally one-owner,car that meets his/her needs and preferences without drama or surprise.I believe that purchasing a used car that has been inspected by David Watson is no gamble, and I would not hesitate to buy from Crown again or to recommend to others to buy with confidence from Crown. STEPHEN STEPHEN CROSS, CHARLOTTESVILLE VA




David, Yes it was a blessing meeting you all on Saturday,and finding a car for Kristian. The fact that you stayed open for us also,speaks volumes for a small company's superior service.It is apparent that integrity is built into Crown Auto,and comforting that people whom I respect have bought cars from you for generations. We will remember you in the future and I am telling others about this great find in Orange! May God continue to bless your business and those you serve. Thanks again, Kim




Steve and Donna Hargett Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 7:23 AM To: sales@crownautosales.net; Subject: Thank You Hi David and Mary, Just wanted to say thanks again for taking good care of me. My last two car buying experiences have been most positive-and the last two were with you! I told Bryan that I am only buying Lexus and Toyota going forward---and I am buying them all from David Watson. Your friend, Steve

Steve Hargett

Customer Review : -------------------------- Name : Don and Karen Email :a great experience : We are thrilled with our new Nissan Murano and cannot say enough good things about our experience with the folks at Crown. Beginning with Mr. David Watson, owner and quite a character. He made the experience fun with his great sense of humor. The company is small and operates as a real team. They all respect each other and genuinely want the customer to be 100 percent happy with their purchase. Mary, their office manager is worth her weight in gold. Thank you so much, ============================

Don and Karen Mcgee

Name : Dorian Brown : Dear David, and dear Mary, We greatly have enjoyed trading with you over the years (has it actually been 20 at this point?), and never have been disappointed with anything you've done for us (I think this is our 5th car from Crown). Each time you have found us just the right vehicle for our current needs. Your extraordinary efforts for the benefit of your customers takes so much of the natural anxiety of car purchasing out of the process. And, of course, your friendly manner and personal interest and care for us and our family has augmented an otherwise simply business relationship with a sense of friendship. David, you are an extraordinary fellow, and run a superior business, and Mary, we readily can understand how David can be so comfortable with leaving much of the operations and all the paperwork to your capable care. You guys make a great team. As my wife said, neither of you is allowed to retire, even if you come to want to! Dorian Brown Charlottesville Va ============================

Dorian Brown

David, I want everyone to know that I was very pleased with a recent purchase of my 2008 Lexus ES350. From start to finish I was happy with my treatment and the whole process of buying a car from Crown. I had looked and looked all over the country for THE car that I wanted with all of the bells and whistles that I had to have on my car. Unfortunately, no one in St. Louis, or within 250 miles had anything close. So I started looking nationwide and found the model I wanted with all of the options that had to be on the car.....almost 1,000 miles away. From the very first phone call David treated me with respect and was very helpful with all of my questions and concerns about the car.and my unspoken concern about going half way across the country to buy a used car. After talking to David and settling on a price, that we were both happy with, Mary jumped in an started the tedious task of putting all of this together. All I had to do was cross my fingers and buy a plane ticket. After many phone calls and I'm sure many frustrating hours waiting for all of the "out of town" paperwork to get done I arrived and meet David and Mary and felt like a long lost relative. (I really don't kmow how she does it, dealing with all of the banks and Department of Revenue people and all) The car was just as David had said it was clean, looked good and ran very well and I'm here to say that I would fly out to Virginia again and buy another one from him with no hesitation. So if David has the car that you want and answers all of your questions about the vehicle then you won't be disappointed when you get there and meet them and test drive your next used car! Very Happy Customer, Jack R. Cox II, St Louis,Missouri

Jack Cox II

Tim G We drove from Gum Springs VA to do some wheelin and dealin on a car with the fine folks at Crown Auto Sales. Our car buying experience was excellent, and Mary's follow up has been amazing. Makes me wish all my purchases were this easy and pleasant. Without a doubt, I'll recommend Crown Auto Sales, in Orange VA, to others. Both David and Mary do an excellent job and we certainly appreciated their time and efforts. Thank you!


============================ Customer Experience Details : -------------------------- Name : Carol asking about my Experience : Ask me about a Unique car buying experience... And I\'ll tell you It\'s right here at CROWN\r\nThis was my first time purchasing a car directly from a dealer.\r\nThey are the BEST sales family in the entire region, not a team a FAMILY!! I traveled some 50 plus miles to connect with Mary, Mike, Eric & David.\r\nFrom the moment I arrived they we just so informative and genuinely caring, that I felt as ease, and knew I was in GOOD HANDS\r\nMike sat-down with me to explain the features and functions of my new car, that was blessing! Thank you Mike\r\nMary walked me through the purchasing process of paper work, insurance requirements and financial agreement SHE was a Double Blessing!! Thank you Mary\r\nI also got a fair trade-in value for my old car, that was a concern that I had but they eased my concerns. Thank you David\r\nAnd last but not least Eric, got my car sparkling and ready to roll. Thank you Eric\r\nBut most of all Thank you David for your conversation and assistance in geting financial ball rolling.\r\n\r\nTHANK YOU CROWN of ORANGE ============================ Carol, Woodbridge Va


this is a testimonial in purchasing an automobile from Crown Auto Sales of Orange, VA. We are a couple who have been married 56 years. We are the kind that tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may. We purchased a vehicle from Crown Auto on August 30, 2017. From the time my wife, Short Cake, talked to Mary of Crown and David, the owner, on the phone we were so impressed, that the following day we made the trip of 140 miles to their location. We left the sales lot with our purchase, impressed with not only the vehicle, but with David and Mary. The experience of the entire contact from the beginning until the end was very uplifting. You could actually feel and tell they had not only an interest in selling a vehicle, but a desire to see a couple receive a good deal, that they would return in the future to make another purchase if the need should come about; talking about a real deal - we got a real, real deal and no question in our mind the next purchase will begin with Mary and David of Crown Auto Sales of Orange VA. Thanks Mary and David for everything!! You all be always be in our heart and prayers!! God Bless ole Friends!! Fred and Joyce Spence Buena

Joyce Spence

Customer Experience Details : -------------------------- Name : Ray & Cynthia Email : raymiear@gmail.com Experience : We had been looking a couple weeks for a third row vehicle, used with low mileage. Our son was helping us find some vehicles to look at, when he came across Crown Auto Sales in Orange Va. We are thrilled that we decided to take a look at one that David had on his lot. The buying experience was laid back, easy conversation like it was done years ago. I called the day before we went to see the car, and I got to talk to Mary on the phone. She was so polite and welcoming, it made us want to go see the car. After the purchase, she handled all paperwork in the time it took us to go eat lunch at the Silk Mill Cafe (on Davids\' dime). We drove from Lynchburg and David put gas in the car so we didn\'t have to stop on the way home. We have told several people about our shopping experience and will be a return customer when another car is needed. Thank you both. Ray & Cynthia Forest Va ============================


David, I hope you are doing well. It's been about a month now since we purchased our Rav 4 from you and Jane absolutely loves her new car. It was sure well worth time and gas to make the drive from Richmond to Orange. Prior to coming to see you, I had visited six other dealerships in the Richmond area and none of them even came close in price or service. Their used cars had considerable more miles on them and they wanted more money for them. Their sales people had very little knowledge of the cars they were trying to sell and seemed very pushy. Our experience with you was completely different. You were polite and very knowledgeable about the car and the care that previous owner took of it. The whole buying was easy and enjoyable. You even provided the tags so we didn't have to waste time at DMV. Crown Auto Sales is also the only dealership that we found that didn't charge a processing fee. I am convinced that alone saved us over $500. After we left your dealership, we celebrated our new purchase by having lunch at Silk Mill restaurant across the street from your dealership. We had a great meal there. Thanks again for taking such good care of us. We will whole heartedly recommend you and Crown Auto Sales to our friends and work associates. Without a doubt it was well worth the hour drive, and now knowing how you conduct business, I would make the drive even if you were two hours away. Sincerely, Tom & Jane (Richmond,VA)

Tom and jane Garnett

My husband and I have been customers of Crown Auto for an long as I can remember. We have come to know that we can trust David Watson with no questions asked that he will stand by the vehicles that he ells.We have probably purchased 10 to 15 cars from David and would not even think of going anywhere else.His secretary Mary is wonderful.She make's it so easy for the customers,all we have to do is come in and sign he papers She does eveything for you down to down to calling your insurance company to filling the vehicle full with gas. The car's are always clean to the max.A member of the Crown Family for life. Dale and Debbie Peregoy Orange Va --

Dale and Debbie Peregoy


Ron and Judy

============================ Customer Experience Details : -------------------------- Name : Jesse Hurt Email : jessehurt@ntelos.net Experience : I would like to thank David Watson, Owner of Crown Auto Sales for his fine service and hospitality. Also, I want to express my sincere thanks to Mike for his help in my purchase of an automobile and for his explanation of the operation of the auto. Mary was also very helpful in preparing the paperwork and offering advice. David is most fortunate to have people like Mike and Mary working for him. In the future I will always purchase autos from him. The other wonderful thing about this dealership is that they do not have dealer processing fees like most other dealers do. I highly recommend Crown and thank them for such a terrific buying experience!!! Jesse Hurt, Gordonsville va ============================

Jesse Hurt

LOOKING FOR A PUFF! By Rick from Orange | March 13, 2017 I have been looking for a nice Volvo for about a year.I let Mary know what I wanted with the mileage,features and price restraints.David and Company came though.Since I have been a previous customer I can say this. If something is not right they will take care of it.So if you're looking for a PUFF, Crown is the place.Rating from Rick Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities: 4 out of 5


Email from Testimonials : Experience : Recently, I had the pleasure of purchasing a beautiful 2010 Lexus RX350 after much looking and serveral months.Not only did David Watson serve many of my fellow artists and neighbors in the past,he also has been in business LOCALLY for several decades.So happy to keep my business local and great thanks go out to the entire staff:Mary and Mike are both professional,courteous and get the job done! The whole trade-in process was simple and fair.David knows his vehicles inside and out,spends time showing exactly what the vehicle is all about,and offers post-purchase excellent customer service.This was a big selling feature for me, again,to shop locally.The processing fee of a dealer is a big deal,and I really appreciate saving this money.He is a very kind and courteous business owner with a staff to prove his loyalty.I look forward to always shopping here at Crown in Orange.Thank you everyone! ============================


============================ Customer Experience Details : -------------------------- Name : Paul Heatwole Experience : Buying from Crown was the best experience ever! David and Mary. Thanks, Paul Heatwole, Raccon Ford Va ============================

Paul Heatwole

Buyers from Charlottesville should be looking at Crown in Orange,VA for a top notch preowned car from a highly reputable dealer.Crown Auto Sales is not massive in size is more akin to a "BOUTIQUE DEALER" where all the vehicles,many of which are luxury vehicles and SUV's,are vetted by Crown. All vehicles on the lot would typically cost $2,000 or more more at another dealer being labeled as "certified"who also adds $500 processing fees as well. You automatically save $2500 as you walk into the lot.Also,Crown does NOT accept the Enterprise/Hertz rentals nor the pharmaceutical rep cars as many have been "driven hard" in the past.Crown selects vehicles from a private owner or individual lease in addition to low mileage and a squeaky clean car fax. I had been looking for a Volvo S60 since last April and within 2 hours of arriving at Crown,I owned a beautiful vehicle with low mileage,clean car fax,and 4 new tires.Also Crown takes care of all the DMV registration and taxes for you as a service. bottom line:Crown offers customers excellent preowned vehicles without the $2,000 "certification" fee and $500 processing fee from a highly reputable dealer who does business the old fashioned way...one customer at a time with a high level of repeat business. Thank you. Cathy from Charlottesville Sent from my iPhone

Catherine Hambrick

Crown Auto Sales Review Pros: Almost too many to write about-Dave Watson has been in the business for 41 years and he knows cars. He also will tell you the good and bad about each one. He only purchases good used cars-mostly one owner -good carfax! He doesn't rush you to make a decision but allows you to test drive without hovering over your shoulder. He reminds me of my dad; he likes his cars washed and at their best. Mary who helps with the contracts; title, and DMV is thorough, and explains each piece of paper you have to sign. One of the best things-no processing fees!!! Plus, we know several people who will not buy cars anywhere else! Cons: Not really, but choice is limited My Toyota met a deer in November 2016, and was declared a total loss. I looked for used cars on-line in five different counties. I didn't really find anything, and a couple of the dealers that did have cars I liked, have bad reputations. So, I broke down and called my friend's mom. She has bought several cars from Crown and never complained. So, with her recommendations I called them and checked out their website. I saw several cars I thought I might like to test drive. We went down on Black Friday and test drove several cars. Finally, I narrowed it down to a Nissan Rogue and asked to test drive it again. Dave suggested I really drive a ways with it to make sure I would be happy with the car. I tested it in parking lots and over hills (not off road), fast and slow, and tested turn ratio. I came back and said we would buy it. Dave started the paper work and as it was now after 2 PM, I asked if we could go grab lunch while the paperwork was being performed. Dave sent us off to Silk Mill Grille and then we found out he bought our lunch! Dave knows good customer service! We went back to Crown Auto full and happy. We left with our Rogue and didn't feel like we had been scammed, conned or cheated in any way. Thanks Dave and Mary! Sandra and Mike Gentry "We are to be a living, breathing story of the work of Christ in our lives!" Tim Kimmel


Hey Mr. Crown, Here is a testimonial...I hope you can use it on your website... We can't say enough about the service we received at Crown Auto Sales.It was the most laid back car buying experience that we have ever had.David is the best,and not pushy at all.He worked with us to get a payment we could afford for the vehicle we wanted.His Office Manager,Mary,was also awesome!We test drove our van on Saturday and came back on Monday to purchase.She had all the paperwork ready when we got there,and we were in and out in no time at all.The other Sales Associate Mike,cleared out the vehicle I was trading in,and even reinstalled my daughter's car seat into my new van.Not only did we appreciate the wonderful customer service we received at Crown,we also loved that there was no processing fees that almost every other dealership around charges. Thanks to all the Crown staff! ~Alex & Jennifer Joseph


Email from Testimonials ============================ Customer Experience Details : -------------------------- I can't say enough great things about Crown Auto Sales and David Watson.We had been looking for a used Highlander with low mileage for a while.This nice gray 2013 Highlander showed up on one of my online searches.It was just what I was looking for!After debating for a week or so,I decided to inquire with the sales department.We scheduled a day to come and test drive the vehicle.We made the nearly 2 hour trip to Orange,VA.I knew immediately this vehicle had been taken care of and was in excellent shape.David was very cordial through the entire process,not pushy or your typical car salesman.We walked out of there the same day with our new vehicle.David made sure we were completely satisfied that day and beyond.I would definitely recommend Crown Auto Sales to anyone looking for a gently-used quality vehicle.Brian and Nicole Branch ============================


----- Original Message ----- From: noreply@crownautosales.net To: sales@crownautosales.net Sent: Friday, September 09, 2016 4:52 PM Subject: Testimonial from http://www.crownautosales.net. Email from Testimonials ============================ Customer Experience Details : -------------------------- Name : Vi M Talley I AM SO HAPPY TO TELL YOU ABOUT OUR EXPERIENCE WITH BUYING A CAR FROM CROWN AUTO IN ORANGE,VA.IN PURCHASING VEHICLES THROUGHOUT THE MANY YEARS,NONE STAND OUT IN MY MEMORY IN COMPARISON.THE ENTIRE STAFF THAT WE WORKED WITH,MARY,MIKE MODENA AND DAVID MADE YOU FEEL LIKE FAMILY.WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND CROWN AUTO SALES.THANKS FOR TREATING US SO GOOD.VI Talley ============================

Vi Talley

Crown Auto Center is the perfect place to find the perfect car!David is the best at what he does.I gave him a list of features I preferred in a car with a certain mileage and price,he was able to find ALL of the features and more.I am so astounded by the service and convenience of purchasing my car through Crown Auto Center.Mary helped me find a great rate for financing and had all of the paperwork prepared when I walked in to buy the car.David was very knowledgeable about all of the features of the car.It was a one-stop shop! My family has bought their past 7 cars from David,we don't trust anyone else! David provides quality and a great deal. I am so happy with my decision! Thanks, Tori

Victoria puryear

My husband purchased a Matrix in 2002 from a Toyota dealer and has really enjoyed driving it. He has been looking at the RAV 4 as a replacement, but until our son needed a car we didn't really look in earnest. The first place we tried was a Toyota dealership. The price/fees were too high which was discouraging. Several of our friends recommended Crown Auto in Orange, VA, where they purchase their used cars. We called Crown on a Saturday morning, and my husband is driving a beautiful RAV 4 now - exactly the one he wanted, just a couple of years old, with low mileage, in perfect condition, and very affordable. When we first called, Crown's office manager Mary answered the phone. She was a joy to speak with - honest, sincere, and patient. We arranged to come in and test drive the RAV. My husband Dave met with the owner, David Watson. David and Mary make a wonderful team. They answered all of our questions and were up-front about everything regarding the car. There were no hidden costs, NO processing fees, the paperwork went smoothly and the price of the car fit our budget. We are believers! Crown is the dealership to go to when it comes time for the purchase of an excellent used car. We will go back to Crown again and will continue to recommend that anyone in need of a quality used car, have no doubts or fears about buying from Crown. David, Mary, and all of their staff are wonderful and trustworthy. My husband loves his Rav 4! Thank you Crown Motors - you saved the day!

Elizabeth Osterhout

We wrote a rough-draft testimonial stating all the clever ways we could think of to praise Crown Auto,David Watson and Mary Thurman and the entire crew. Then we decided to scrap all the words and just say this: BUY YOUR USED CARS FROM CROWN AUTO..ALWAYS,EVERY TIME..NO TWO WAYS ABOUT IT..YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!IT WAS THE BEST DECISION WE EVER MADE! Sally and Fletcher Askew Charlottesville, VA

Sally and Flecther Askew

Experience Details : -------------------------- Name : Jasmyne Johnson I am a young woman fresh out of college and was looking for my FIRST car when I came across a Honda Accord there at Crown.I fell in love with it as soon as I laid eyes on it and immediately contacted David about it.As soon as I contacted him he made sure that the car became mine! David was awesome and talked me through everything and even stayed later than his operating hours for me to get to him.I absolutely love my car and couldn't have asked for better customer service.A big THANK YOU to David and to Ms. Mary in the office,they are such amazing people! Thanks for making my first car purchase smooth!JAS, Richmond VA ============================

Jasmyne Johnson

Comments: The Camry drives like a sweet dream. Here is my review for $3.00 I am raising the bar to acknowledge and compliment Crown Auto,Orange,VA owner David Watson.Irequested David to find me a car with a couple of preferred specifications.Within a couple of weeks David found me a car with my requested specs and with low mileage,all the owners manuals,two sets of keys and just like newŁ condition.Being an entrepreneur Dave believes that customers come first,he believes in customer satisfaction and goes the extra mile to achieve those goals.At my request Dave took care of a couple of items on the car and offered delivery to my home since I was working extended hours.I want to compliment Mary (office manger) for her impeccable care in getting all the documentation completed prior to delivery.Only an entrepreneur will offer this level of quality service which is unheard of in corporations.Thanks and best wishes to you Dave !

John T.

============================ Customer Experience Details : -------------------------- Name : Rose and Trey Email : rosemhierholzer@gmail.com Experience :2nd best car buying experience ever(the first best was the 1st car we bought from Crown Auto Sales)! You will not find a better dealer around. David and Mary made this car buying experience simple,quick,and painless. There are no pushy sales pitches or beat around the bush sales tactics.Best of all NO processing fees like most all dealerships around.Thank you David and Mary for a wonderful car buying experience,you have made customers for life! ============================

Rose and Trey deal

It is a great pleasure..... By John. T. from Gordonsville, VA | December 16, 2015 to deal with Dave Watson. I do not have patience to haggle over price, talk to his boss and his boss, or spend hours negotiating a sale and paying $500.00 processing fee. Dave is straight forward, he quotes his price, after a little negotiating the deal is completed with a handshake. Mary does the paperwork in 45 minutes and I was in and out with a vehicle in 2 hours. Thanks Dave for providing this service to our community. You will be around for a long time simply because of your ethics and personality. Thanks to Mary for offering coffee and completing the paperwork in short time. Needless to say your business is highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a good vehicle at a reasonable price and can complete the transaction without getting a headache. Best Wishes. Rating from John. T. Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities

John T

David, Here is a quick review.Thank you and talk soon. Working with the team at Crown was a pleasant,straight-forward experience. Our 2013 Toyota Highlander was in great condition and David and his team knew every little detail about the cars history,features,specs,options.We let them know exactly what we were looking for and they were able to find it for us in less than a week.Having come highly recommended from our peers,we were very pleased with the service and were glad we made the trip out to Orange to find our vehicle. Thanks,Taylor Gagnon, Charlottesville Va

Taylor Gagnon

I want to thank David Watson and his team for all that they did to get me in my Toyota Rav4. My family and I have dealt with Crown's Auto in Orange Virginia many times and had never once been disappointed. The Crown Team is always professional and courteous. David says, "Come on in here and join the Crown Family" in his down home manner when he greets you at the door or in the lot. Seriously, I have never dealt with more honest people that are willing to do everything they can to make sure you leave in what you came there for. Crown's always has a wide selection on the lot and top of the line quality used vehicles. The best thing about Crown's is that they have no processing fees! I can't say that I know of any car dealer large or small that does not charge you for buying a car. Over all I love my Toyota Rav4 that David and his Team worked so hard to get me in. I don't believe I could have gotten a better deal on a used vehicle anywhere else other than Crown's Auto. Thanks to the "Crown Team". Carol Perkins Orange va


Mr. David Watson, We know we have been a little tardy in expressing our sincere thanks and pleasure for having looked to Crown Auto Sales to fulfill our needs for a quality pre-owned vehicle. Please feel free to share our assessment of Crown Auto Sales below on your website with other prospective buyers. "In October, my wife and I were passively considering purchasing a pre-owned SUV to replace our 1998 truck when we noticed a newspaper advertisement by Crown Auto Sales, Orange, Virginia, which contained two 2013 SUVs which atracted our attention. It had been 10 years since we last purchased a car, and, needless to say, we were a little apprehensive about purchasing a pre-owned one this time from a company about which we knew nothing. Our concerns dissipated quickly once we met the owner Mr. David Watson, our salesman Mike, and the Office Manager Mary. Our confidence in this Crown team was established very quickly as Mike shared the history of our preferred vehicle, a Lexus RX 350, David and Mike spent more than two hours instructing my wife on the Lexus' high technology, and Mary very professionally handled county, state, and our administrative, tax, and insurance requirements. (I must add that Mary is the glue that holds this whole operation together.) In just over three hours, Crown's no pressure, informative, and highly efficient team had made us proud owners of an outstanding pre-owned vehicle in which we have the utmost confidence. We drove away with title in hand and real license plates on the vehicle. We highly recommend that you visit Crown Auto Sales if you are searching for a quality pre-owned vehicle. We believe you'll be pleased that you did so. Harris Family, Keswick, VA" David, we know this testimonial is a little long, but it takes more than a few words to tell others about our Crown Auto Sales experience. Thanks again for introducing us to Doug. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and your families. Sincerely, Arnom and Julia Harris KESWICK VA

Arnom Harris

My family has been coming to Crown for years to get cars, and we are never disappointed! I was in the market for a Cross Over SUV and when I saw that RAV4 on the lot... I knew it was the one! Mr Watson let me take it for a test drive right away and helped me out with all the paperwork and financing, the same day. Ms Mary had all the documents and paperwork ready for me to go when I showed up to sign for the car, making the whole experience quick and easy! They will take great care of you at crown and help you find the perfect car! Thanks again for all your help! I love my car! Thanks, Isabelle Puryear Inside Sales Coordinator/Customer Service Patriot Aluminum Products


By Phins from Fredericksburg, VA | July 29, 2015 Great people,great car,and great price! Extremely nice local car dealer off the beaten path in Northern Virginia.Worth the drive to Orange.Would definitely buy from them again.Highly recommend. Rating from Phins Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A

Brian Brawner

Rhonda and I want to thank David Watson, Dale Forbes and Ms. Mary for helping us get the 2013 Toyota Tacoma. We want to thank you for staying late and giving us a good deal. The payment was great on the truck. We will tell all our family and friends about Crown Auto Sales. We give you a five star rating.. Conway and Rhonda Payne

Conway Payne

I was looking to purchase a used car with low mileage for my son who will be attending college in the fall. I went on Carfax and that led me to Crown Auto Sales. Carfax had listed the car (Toyota Camry) with low mileage, no accidents, no recalls and only 2 owners. When I drove the car at Crown Auto Sales, there were no problems and it was a smooth ride. The car had low mileage; a little less than 40,000. Everything was true about this car. Both David (the owner) and Mary (the office manager) were honest, straight forward and respectful. In fact, I told David I needed to drive the car in Orange to a mechanic to have it checked out, and he had no reservations. He said go ahead. I did. The fact that he willingly let me drive the car to a mechanic without hesitation, inspired me to trust him. I purchased the car, it runs well and my son really likes it. The experience I had in buying a car from Crown was wonderful and easy. Mary got my Toyota Camry registered with DMV, contacted my insurance agent to get the car added to my policy and had all the paperwork ready for me when I picked up the car the following Monday. I was impressed with the people and the way that business is conducted at Crown Auto Sales. I highly recommend Crown Auto Sales for your next car.

Mark from Richmond, VA.

For the past couple of months I have been enjoying the 2012 Lexus RX 350 I purchased from you. More to the point, I am so appreciative of the way you at Crown Auto do business. From the moment I walked into the office, I found each employee to be friendly, knowledgeable, and unpressured. Each of you have been responsive, direct, and considerate (including allowing me to take the car prior to purchase for a day so I could allow my wife to drive it). I am impressed by the manner in which you go out of the way to acquire automobiles that have a good likelihood of reliability and how you have continued to offer appropriate service and support beyond the sale. In all the best ways, Crown Auto seems to be operating on an old fashioned model of offering good quality and customer service. Please do not change! I will certainly send friends and acquaintances your way for that reason alone.

Dan, Charlottesville

As always, it was a delightful experience working with David to purchase my Subaru Forester. We have been dealing with Crown Auto for over 25 years and plan to continue to go to them for any future purchases. They truly make purchasing a vehicle a "painless" process. Not only do they sell reliable and well maintained vehicles but the level of personal service they give you can't be matched! I would recommend them with the utmost confidence to anyone looking for a vehicle.

Linda and Donald Snead, Barboursville Va

Thanks, Crown Auto! I have been riding "just right" for about 1 month now in like-new 2011 Toyota Tundra purchased the "easy way" at your shop in Orange, VA. Starting with walking in and describing my dream truck, Dave found just such a matching vehicle and relayed the details to me by his website e-mail. I visited the next Saturday and helped by Ralph and Mary, the paperwork was done so efficiently and I drove away in a few hours. Again, thanks Crown for finding and making easy my truck buying experience with you!

Steve Pitts, Stanardsville, VA

Seventeen years ago when I lived in Orange, Virginia, Dave at Crown Auto sold me a vehicle for my then teenage son. It was a smooth process and a very fair deal for a quality vehicle. Subsequently, my work took me to New England and then to Europe for a decade. Now resettled in Lexington, Virginia I was in need of a newer vehicle....and in particular another VW Passat. While scrolling through the common used car websites, one Passat listed by Crown Auto caught my eye. Since I was familiar with this dealer, I did a quick "Crown Auto, Orange, Virginia" search, opened Dave's user-friendly website, and easily found the Passat. This 2013 model had the exact exterior-interior color scheme, the bells and whistles, the low miles, and the competitive price I wanted. A quick email to Dave confirmed the vehicle was still available. My Christmas holiday schedule, however, limited my availability to get to Orange to see the car but Dave went into his natural "above and beyond" mode and agreed to meet me on his day off at his business on the Sunday after Christmas. We chatted about the comings and goings in Orange since I had moved away and somewhere during all this we talked "business," prepared the loan application, and agreed to a generous offer for my trade in. The New Year holiday schedule next held my attention but on January 2nd, Mary was expertly ready with the paperwork and in 25 minutes Dave was escorting me to my 2013 Passat and I was on my way back to Lexington. When I got the car home, even the wife was impressed with my choice and, most importantly, with the $$$ deal. Will I again do business with Dave at Crown Auto? Undoubtedly, I will. Do I recommend Crown Auto to others? Yes; precisely and without doubt, I do. Great products on the lot; an uncomplicated and efficient transaction process; a fair price; and great customer relations. Why would one not do business here? Thanks Dave and Mary. See you next time.

Bob, Lexington VA

Very Friendly and Personable We loved working with Dale and David. It was a great local feel and we bought a great car at a fair price. I will definitely work with Crown Auto Sales in my future car buying. We even made an agreement late on the 30th but decided it would be easier to complete the buying process on the 2nd and their handshake agreement was good enough for us and ours good enough for them. I then easily completed the process on the 2nd. Very low pressure, happy sale.

Niall, Charlottesville VA

Our experience was top notch from the time we arrived until the time we left. We got the deal done quickly. The paper work went down without a hitch including notifying the insurance company about my new truck (I had my new insurance cards before I left). We left talking about the great experience we had just had, something you don't hear alot when buying a car. Needless to say the trip back across the mountain was very enjoyable. Great experience and a great new ride. Thanks! It is worth your time to check them out, whether you have to travel over the mountains or you are staying on the flat lands.

Joe and Heather, Harrisonburg VA

Great Management, Staff and vehicles. I found my truck online and was able to call and speak to the manager right away. He was open and honest with me from the beginning. I couldn't have found a better pre-owned vehicle anywhere else. It was the truck I wanted with next to no miles for a great price. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone in the market for a used vehicle!


David and Mary, I can't thank you all enough for all your help with my new car. I knew you would find something good but really never imagined you would find so perfect for me! The whole process was easy and smooth thanks to you all. Thanks again

Janelle Miller, Woodbridge VA

Dear David, Purchasing a previously owned car is a challenge at best, Finding the right person to do this for you is "Priceless" but not really, Just wanted to let you know, David that we truly appreciate the help you have given us in finding the right "Benz" We value your generosity, making sure that the car would be in top condition, Providing us with the extras to get it there was beyond expectation, We are very grateful to you and your staff making us satisfied customers, with our best regards,

Ron and Enkelina , Gordonsville VA

Great experience, beginning to end After discovering Crown Auto through online postings, and seeing the great vehicle options, prices and customer reviews, I contacted David regarding a 2004 Rav4 he had available. The price, model, mileage and condition all suited my needs, and David answered my questions promptly and in a straight-forward manner which I appreciated. My visit to check out, test drive, and purchase the vehicle was easy and comfortable. David, Mary and the rest of the staff made me feel welcome, and from test drive, to pick up, the entire process was easy and thorough. Previous review comments were on target as to David's willingness to work with his customers to find a great fitting vehicle, at a fair price, and all the vehicles on the lot looked like great options. The limited warranty was a nice addition, and I am confident I will enjoy my vehicle for years to come. if I didn't know my vehicle was an older model, you'd never guess from the wonderful condition. I've already recommended Crown Auto to friends, and would look to them first for any future purchases. They even had several friendly local visitors during my purchase visit, and a clean, comfortable facility, but the focus was on quality vehicles at fair prices for a hassle free purchase experience. If you're in the market for a pre-owned car, I'd definitely start here.

Kim B from Palmyra VA

Have bought our last 5 cars from Crown Auto Sales and wouldn't go anywhere else. The cars are clean and in excellent condition with low mileage. David goes out of his way to ensure his customers are happy with their purchase. It's wonderful to deal with a company that you can trust.

Marykim, Madison, VA

A very unique experience Dealing with David Watson is a pleasure. There is no pressure, no sales gimmicks, just down to earth honesty. Dave is an entrepreneur, hard working man, making an honest living and he deserves recognition and support. I highly recommend this dealer to anyone who is looking to buy their next best used vehicle. You will leave with a smile and not a headache.

John from Gordonsville VA

Traveling 60 miles to purchase our new (used) car was the best decision we ever made. Even from the initial email we knew this dealership was different, there was NO pressure, no processing fees, or crazy sale tactics. The whole experience was pleasant start to finish. Our salesman was amazing and Ms. Mary handled all of our paperwork quickly and efficiently. Crown Auto has found a forever customer in the Dill Family. We will definitely be referring our family and friends!

Scott and Christy Dill

Hello, David I have been meaning to write and thank you, again, for your help in getting me the "car of my dreams"! The car was even more beautiful and well maintained than I had expected. You made the whole process so effortless and easy - from the website clarity, to your prompt response to all questions even to the finishing of the sale with your team at Crown. I am thrilled to be driving my new car from Crown and I thank you again for your for your professional and caring attention to every detail.

Anne Marie McMichael

I purchased a 2005 Toyota Camry in September 2013. I'm very please with the performance of the car, but more importantly, the staff was exceptionally courteous and responsive. I have recommended Crown Auto to friends, family and colleagues and will come to this dealership to purchase my next vehicle...thank you!.

R. Chapman, Gordonsville, VA

I was in search of a pick-up truck with a 7,000 lbs. towing capacity. My search for a used Toyota Tundra in the Northern Virginia area left me feeling certainly deflated. During my drive down to Orange, I thought that I might be disappointed. However, David and his team of professionals greeted me with a very reassuring welcome. I was certainly impressed with the truck once I took it for a spin and gave it a brief inspection. David seems to be very conscientious of his customers' needs and he simply made the entire auto purchase a trouble free experience. I have been very pleased with this purchase and I'm very confident that David will make himself available to address any issues relating to my purchase. David has certainly carved out a very nice niche for himself in the industry and I would recommend Crown Auto Sales to anyone and everyone regardless of their location. I suspect that I will ring up David Watson the next time I need to make an automobile purchase.

Todd from Alexandria, VA.

I went on the hunt for a low-mileage used Honda Odyssey for my expectant wife and infant son. I used a variety of websites to hunt out the best deals within 75 miles of our home. I visited more than a three different dealers, including a wholesaler and the local Honda dealer, to test drive. The best deal and most exceptional buying experience was located just up the road in Orange, Va at Crown Auto Sales. David Watson, the owner, takes pride in selecting the most well maintained, clean, low-mileage imports. The vehicle I test drove from his inventory was in tip-top shape and clearly cared for, unlike the vehicles at the wholesaler. It's apparent that he cares for meeting the customers' needs - absent pushy sales pitches or double talk. How often have you gone to a lot with high quality vehicles in excellent shape and worked out the deal with the owner? David is up front with his pricing and appraising a trade-in. David didn't approach the deal from a "what payment can you afford" mentality, but took the time to consider the numbers that worked for both of us. David personally evaluated my trade-in and provided a very fair and generous offer. He has an eye for detail that he puts to work to find the best and highest quality vehicles. After working out a deal on the pristine Honda Odyssey - the paper work was a sinch. Mary diligently prepared the documents and helped me collect the needed paperwork from my credit union. I could have been out the door and headed home in a couple hours - aside from the time I enjoyed chatting with David and his team at Crown Auto Sales. If you're looking for a low-mileage used vehicle and an exceptional car buying experience - one that is truly personal and built on relationship - then you need to call or visit Crown Auto Sales.


Refreshingly Straightforward After six weeks of car shopping in NoVA, we had narrowed down our preferences and twice been ready to write a check to a dealer. Both times we encountered so many hoops to jump through ("Um, let me go talk to my manager" - for the third time in 30 minutes) and price negotiations ("Um, no, that price on the internet isn't really the price you get" - even though we had taken the fine print into account) that we left empty handed, in spite of having checkbook and car loan already in hand, with no trade in. Frustrated, we expanded our search and found Crown Auto. What a find! The 60+ mile drive was a great investment. The car of interest was clean and waiting for us to test drive; pricing was a straightforward discussion, not a haggle; and the customer service was at a level I thought extinct. When we first called Crown Auto, our questions were answered directly, professionally, and without pressure. Mary, who handles the paperwork, was a gem - friendly, efficient, and knowledgable. It was such a refreshingly honest, no nonsense process all around! All the benefits of a CarMax experience, but with a serving of apple pie! We look forward to doing business again with Crown Auto.

John from Ashburn, VA

My husband and I searched the internet for a slightly used vehicle. We were headed to Richmond, but found an Avalon in Orange. We changed our direction and went north. We are so glad we did. The Avalon was sitting right in front. David Weston came right out, gave us the keys, and told us to take it for a test drive. He stayed behind. It is so refreshing to be allowed to test drive the car without the intervention of a salesman. We were very pleased with the car. Inside my husband and I talked with David, who by the way is a very informative dealer. We reached an agreement, traded in our vehicle and walked away with a great deal on the car we wanted. David worked with us, found our financing and contacted our insurance company. Mary did our paperwork and within three hours; we were on the road in our new Avalon. Thank you David and Mary for making this such an enjoyable experience. We will return in the future.

Dale B from Palmyra, Virginia

I have purchased four low mileage vehicles from Crown Auto Sales, over the years. David Watson, the owner is a nice guy and easy to do business with. David brings hand- picked, nice and clean low mileage vehicles to the lot for his customers. By the way, Mary Thurman, David's office manager, is a very sweet person and she will make your auto purchase a pleasant experience. I just bought a Toyota Corolla and I am loving it. I recommend Crown Auto Sales to any of my friends who would like to purchase a used low mileage vehicle.

Younus from Barboursville, VA

I commend David and Mary on their making buying the 2009 Honda Civic last evening one of the best car buying experiences we have ever had. David listened to our situation and worked hard to getting me the best price and the best financing he could and i am so grateful for his efforts. I would recommend going here first to find your next vehicle.

new Honda owner from Orange, VA

While in the market for a new or used Toyota Tacoma, I test drove and negotiated for a number of different versions at four major dealerships within 50 miles of my home. As an experienced and prepared buyer, I found myself frustrated with receiving up-sell and alternate offers that did not meet the clearly established price/option goals I'd articulated to them. A friend tipped me off to using cars.com as opposed to searching dealer inventories, and I located a vehicle that was reasonably priced with the exact options I was looking for at Crown in Orange. I took the time to drive up to Crown, where David handed me the keys to the truck I was interested in and told me to "take my time" on the test drive. It turned out to be precisely what I was looking for, so I asked for the best offer he could provide if I committed to buying that day. Instead of sitting through a "four square" process, and going back and forth through a salesperson and sales manager, I got a straight up quote that included VA licensing and tax fees. Another bonus - Crown does not charge the typical $199-$599 "dealer fees" for processing paperwork. David and I reached an agreement on a handshake - I agreed to purchase and he agreed to sell without putting pen to paper. The truck needed new tires, and we were able to agree on a very fair price including new tires that not only eased my purchase, but supported another local small business. Over the next 24 hours while I provided my financing information, David had the new tires installed and ensured that I had a current state safety inspection as well as fresh oil, lube, and check-up on the vehicle. I arrived at Crown the next day to take delivery, and was only there for about 45 minutes. Mary had all the paperwork completed; she had already finished title and tags (my plates were on the truck when I arrived and registration was complete). I did not have to run the gauntlet of "paint protection", "undercoat", "upholstery protection etc.., which was very refreshing. I would absolutely recommend Crown in Orange to any of my friends or professional peers. This has been the most haggle-free purchase I've ever encountered, and I look forward to the opportunity to deal with them again.

Shawn from Barboursville, VA

Recently purchased a 2009 Suburu Outback from Crown. The service was excellent with no hidden cost. The car is in superior condition with low mileage. I drove an hour and ten minutes and it was well worth the trip. Thank You cars.com and Crown Auto Sales for helping me find a car within my budget that meets my needs.

Nancy from Richmond, VA

I just completed the purchase of a second vehicle from Mr. Watson and could not be more pleased. He is knowledgeable, helpful and honest. He has been doing this for a long time and has a super reputation so if anyone is looking for a good used car, this is the place to go.


my experience in purchasing a car through Crown Auto Sales was exceptional. David made the whole process so easy. He listened to what I wanted and really worked until he found a car that matched me, both in terms of price and style, I was particularly impressed with the care he takes in making sue the car had no hidden secrets, When I went to complete the sales, he and Mary made it so say taking care of insurance, changes, DMV, they thought of it all, I couldn't have asked for anything more

Ellen from Amissville VA

My wife and I scoured the Internet and visited several dealers in search of a good used car. We were starting to think we would have to lease a new one when luckily we came across Crown Auto Sales. David was friendly, fair, and didn't waste our time. As soon we arrived he let us take the 2008 Jetta out for a test drive. He wasn't pushy and we were able to work out a deal with him relatively quickly. Mary helped us get license plates, registration, and title no problem. It was all a very pleasant and positive buying experience. David has good cars -- clean, low-mileage, and well-maintained. I don't hesitate to recommend Crown to anyone looking for a quality used car, and we wouldn't hesitate to go back ourselves.

happy Jetta owner from Charlottesville, VA

I recently bought a used vehicle from Crown, and I could not be more pleased with the people, the prices, and the vehicle I purchased. Great customer service, friendly employees who were efficient and organized. I was in the office maybe an hour total. Their prices were the best I've seen in the area for pre-owned vehicles, and their cars were in tip-top shape with low miles. I will look here again next time I need a new (pre-owned) vehicle.

Happy Customer from Central VA

great hassle free dealership to do business, no high pressure, vehicle we looked at was very clean as was the entire place, no games, we loved it and would recommend with a breeze

Maryj from Madison VA

We drove 2 hours to see a specific vehicle at Crown and knew within minutes that we had come to the right place! The van was pristine! The mileage was low and you could tell that it had had lots of tlc by its previous owner. In fact, every vehicle on the lot was a jewel! Our sales rep was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly and we felt absolutely no pressure to buy, which was refreshing. Though the dealership is a small operation, our sale was handled in a competent, professional manner even while we were made to feel like part of the family. This was truly an enjoyable experience.

Kathy K. from Knoxville, MD

Our car buying experience from the beginning to driving it off the lot was a very pleasant experience. In every step of the buying process we were treated with a committed high level of customer service. We will recommend Crown Auto to our neighbors and friends.

Kid & TJ from Madison, Virginia

I recently bought a 2000 ford mustang from Crown Auto Sales. the car is amazing, haven't had any problems only had to change the battery which Mr. Dale , the owner; sent a check for it. their costumer service is the best. i highly recommend this place.

Ali r from front royal VA

I found Crown Auto via their web site and right away noticed the great pricing and the quality selection of cars. I have purchased my fair share of cars from different larger dealerships. This dealership makes you feel comfortable. They are friendly and honest and you will get a great deal. David is easy to work with no double talk no unnecessary add ons and when you leave with your new car you will feel good that you paid the right price.David even added a free warranty without negotiating. It was shown to me while signing the paperwork. No need to go somewhere else and guess if you got the best price or car for that matter. At Crown you are treated right. Thank you for everything Crown staff we'll be back when were ready for another. (if that mini is still there it might be sooner than later. :) PW

Patti from Syria, VA

I have been a customer since 1984, and my Dad introduced me to Crown Auto Sales. David Watson is a honest dealer and stands behind his vehicles. I prefer not to go anywhere else. Every preowned vehicle I have purchased has lasted me for years without giving me major problems. Everyone at Crown Auto Sales are friendly and I feel right at home anytime I go there. I rate all the overall above as excellent. Anyone in search of a vehicle should make Crown Auto Sales their first visit and you won't have to travel any further

J Athy from Louisa, Virginia

This dealership was recommended to us by other satisfied customers. We were not disappointed! David Watson and Mary were very patient and considerate as we were shopping for a car following the accident involving the previous car we owned. We appreciate all of their assistance and would readily recommend them to anyone in search of a used car.

blossom from Gordonsville, VA

I was searching for a Jeep for my daughter when I came across Crown Auto Sales. I live in the county and made the short drive down the road to look at a Jeep they had. When I arrived David was there to show me the vehicle. He was outstanding and a very polite gentlemen. The Jeep was as described and we quickly came to a deal without any hassle and finalized the sale. Mary processed the paper work llike a pro and I was out the door in no time! I have purchased many cars in my time and have never felt so obligated to leave a positive review. This was the best car buying experience I have had and highly recommend Crown to anyone looking for the same!

Kenny from Orange, Va

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